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Advancing Basic Discoveries
into Innovative Therapeutic Solutions

The Chanda Lab exploits systems-based approaches and cutting-edge technologies to study the virus-host interface and innate immunity, with a focus on RNA viruses that pose a pandemic threat. Basic findings drive drug discovery efforts through our group at Calibr, the translational research arm of Scripps, including the development of next-generation antivirals, adjuvants for vaccines, and immunotherapies. Our research efforts are supported by the Gates Foundation, the DoD, the Martin Delaney Collaboratory, AViDD and other NIH contracts, cooperative agreements and grants. The group has also partnered with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies for early-phase drug discovery in the field of antivirals and inflammatory diseases. Additionally, we are proud to be part of the development team behind Metascape, a web-based portal designed to provide a comprehensive gene list annotation and analysis resource for experimental biologists.


Message from the Principle Investigator

"I believe that therapeutic innovations are

fueled by transformational discoveries in

basic research.” - Dr. Sumit Chanda

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